I have multiple projects relating to disability and anthropology in both applied and academic settings.  My writing has been featured in Bloom, Somatosphere, and TX SenseAbilities, and I have several publications in process.  I also enjoy giving invited talks on current disability research to professionals, families, and disability advocates at conferences and special events. Past themes include sibling experiences with disability, and disability, race, and health.

I launched Disability Fieldnotes: Notes on the Anthropology of Disability, in early-2014.  It is one of the few blogs devoted to the intersection of disability studies and anthropology, and Disability Fieldnotes is a space for thoughts and musings on contemporary disability issues, as well as a digital archive of contemporary disability issues, news, and debates.

I am also the Digital Communications Manager for the Society for Medical Anthropology.  I handle all aspects of the Society’s quarterly newsletter, including manuscript submission, communications, editing, design, and publicity.  I also developed a comprehensive social media strategy for the Society, and I maintain its social media accounts.

I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors of Texas Parent to Parent, the largest family-led disability advocacy organization in the state.  I am also a Steering Committee member of the Disability Research Interest Group, the primary group for anthropologists researching disability.


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